Terms of –°ooperation

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the format of cooperation that we offer.

  • Contract

    In the conditions of Russian aggression, we have special conditions for cooperation with foreign clients, it is possible to sign a contract with our European or American company directly, in this case the client pays 30% in advance, 70% upon delivery. Or you can sign a contract with a Ukrainian company, in which case payment is made without an advance, and 100% upon crossing the border.

  • Terms of delivery

    We can work under any Incoterms conditions, including DDP or DAP. For the price, we offer DAP Hamburg, DAP Paris, etc. If it is from a European company, there may be additional shipping with VAT, but VAT is added to the price.

  • Complaints

    We accept complaints within 30 days from the moment of delivery of the goods.

  • Private Label

    We also do private label, when we design for you and more, we only work with prepayment through a European or American company. If we position our brand, then without prepayments.

  • Currency

    We can sign contracts in any currency except rubles. We can sign long-term contracts.

  • Our shipping options

    Our shipping capabilities are up to 20 forty-foot containers of assorted products per month. Minimum volumes can be provided, usually from 1 truck, but if we talk about the Firezik brand, then there can be shipments of smaller quantities from 1 pallet of goods. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) depends on the number of goods on the pallet, it can be from 100 to 1000 pcs.

  • Firezik

    Also, for the Firezik brand, we are considering a dropshipping format from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Great Britain.